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Tiamat Legendary Dragon Queen | Lord of the Print Fantasy Model | Pathfinder, D&D, Tabletop Gaming, Role Play Miniature | 28mm and 32mm Mini

Tiamat Legendary Dragon Queen | Lord of the Print Fantasy Model | Pathfinder, D&D, Tabletop Gaming, Role Play Miniature | 28mm and 32mm Mini

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Whether you're a collector, a DM looking to enhance your game, figure painter, or simply a lover of dragons, our Tiamat miniature is a must-have. This highly detailed miniature figurine captures the essence of the Legendary Queen of Dragons. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this miniature will take your battles to the next level, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of D&D.

***Please Read BEFORE ordering***

***Some assembly required. These Printed minis are printed in multiple parts that will need to be assembled.***

- All sizing is based upon the base size. I personally use the gargantuan and the large
- Tiny, Small and Medium have 1in base
- Large has a 2in base
- Huge has a 3in base
- Gargantuan has a 4in base

Process of creation:
- Made with a Premier Resin
- Most Resins are glass brittle! Our resin is rather flexible for a resin. I have dropped minis from table top height and not had any breaks more often than not. (NOT Recommended!)
- This product is not primed so you can can prime it gray, black, white, or zenithal to your preference
- The resin is Aqua Green in color to ensure that the entire model was primed.
- Shrinkage of each part is usually minimal, but still occurs and will require some post processing
- Washed in 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol to remove excess uncured resin
- Then cured in UV light for 2 min fully setting the resin but keeping some of the flexibility of the resin.
- Huge and larger prints take 2-3 days of time just on the printer, and processing times are dependent on your order in line and are Made to Order

Recommendation for assembly:
- Each part comes labeled in it's own packaging in the box.
- Super glue works well to "weld" the parts together.
- 'Green stuff' will help you to fill in the gaps that will appear between parts. It will take some time but it is so fun to watch it come together.

- Your painting is yours alone! We share how others have painted this model and posted in the Lord of the Print discord or Facebook pages (we do not offer painting at this time). We would love to see what you did with yours.
- Prime your print to hold the paint to the model (we recommend a matte primer)
- Painting in acrylic paint is recommended, but oils can be used.
- From time to time Lord of the Print holds painting competitions on their facebook page.
- Anything Huge or larger it is recommended that you paint it with an air brush as it will greatly reduce your paint time.
- After painting, a clear varnish is recommended to protect your paint work

Care for your finished project:
- Keep out of the reach of little hands
- Keep out of direct sunlight

Please find Lord of the Print STL files at

If there is a model that you want but we don't offer please let us know.
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